Saturday, 27 December 2014


For once again it`s Festive Time. It`s the Season to be Jolly. Merry, merry, jolly, jolly :)

Ending the week on a high note. Gingerbread cookies anyone?


DSC_1094_1 DSC_1062_1 DSC_1068_1DSC_1046_1  DSC_1051_1DSC_1057_1  DSC_1093_1DSC_1106_1

Dress: Tobi

Confetti top: H&M

Shoes: Zara

Belt: Vintage

Monday, 15 December 2014

Notes From Underground

In every man’s remembrances there are things he will not reveal to everybody, but only to his friends. There are other things he will not reveal even to his friends, but only to himself, and then only under a pledge of secrecy. Finally, there are some things that a man is afraid to reveal even to himself, and any honest man accumulates a pretty fair number of such things.

 DSC_0959_1DSC_0960_1DSC_0964_1 DSC_0982_1 DSC_0954_1DSC_0942_1

Dress: Ebay

Cutout Top: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Scarf: Zara

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Rodeo Style

As the cooler weather sets in, this Fall, tall boots, blanket capes and Gaucho hats can be spotted on every (worth checking) shop window.

As a kid I used to love cowboy movies & I doubt I've missed any, so it`s about time I challenge my inner cowgirl.

DSC_0901_1DSC_0932_1DSC_0896_1DSC_0923_1 DSC_0924_1

Fringe Shawl: H&M

Skirt: Ebay

Boots: Zara

Bag: Sfera

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lace Up

The myriad of F/W 14 and Resort 15 collections showed beautiful lace-up details. Always adoring the lace up details once I went that further ahead & bought black shiny faux leather lace up pants ( which I returned afterwards) with which I looked more like a cartoon vixen out of a comics book, or even worse a strip joint member. Though if I have kept these they would have made a great (unbeatable) Halloween costume….

DSC_0779_1DSC_0782_1DSC_0789_1 DSC_0773_1 DSC_0738_1  DSC_0752_1   DSC_0787_1

StyleStalker Shirt Dress

Shoes: Zara

Sweater: Ebay

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Pop Art

There was a rebirth of the pop art trend in fashion during the mid ‘90s. And then another come back this summer. Perhaps this is because, until it can divert itself from its pop art obsession, fashion will always be playing catch up.

I personally like Bold Patterns & Outstanding Colours  & (in this case) mix them with some grunge elements as ripped jeans & lace up shoes.

DSC_0498_1 DSC_0499_1DSC_0516_1 DSC_0517_1 DSC_0531_1 DSC_0532_1

Top: Vintage

Jeans: Pull&Bear

Shoes: Zara

Hat: Zara

Bag: Sfera

Monday, 17 November 2014

Fallen Hues

Ah finally I have to admit that It`s autumn, which means summer is over :( it also means I can have as many Pumpkin Spice Lattes as I want :)

Cheers to the Fall.

DSC_0450_1 DSC_0455_1 DSC_0457_1 DSC_0483_1 DSC_0487_1

Dress: Zara

Shirt on top: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Zara

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Urban Nights

She's got the jack. (no forget that AC/DC)......she's got the ACE, no matter what sucky cards life has dealt you thus far, you can win, get to the task.

Happiness is an inside job. I refuse to assign anyone else that much power over my life.

DSC_0538_1  DSC_0556_1DSC_0557_1DSC_0550_1  DSC_0545_1DSC_0565_1

Skirt: Asos

Boots: Zara

Shirt: Vintage

Jacket: H&M

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fringe Benefits

Im loving this trend – boho chic meets the cowgirl :) And from kimonos to shawls & skirts- I have it all- a tendency that completely matches  my style. And from what I saw from the SS15 runaways the fringe is definitely here to stay, at least for a season ahead.

DSC_0656_1 DSC_0664_1 DSC_0671_1 DSC_0681_1 DSC_0682_1

Kimono( worn under the jacket): Vintage

Boots: Zara

Shorts: Zara

Jacket: H&M

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

70s Mood

Well I left my happy home to see what I could find out
I left my folk and friends with the aim to clear my mind out
Well I hit the rowdy road and many kinds I met there
Many stories told me of the way to get there
So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out
There's so much left to know, and I'm on the road to find out
Well in the end I'll know, but on the way I wonder…

DSC_0568_1 DSC_0571_1 DSC_0589_1   DSC_0596_1DSC_0593_1

Dress: Vintage

Boots: Zara

Hat: Vintage

Jacket: H&M