Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas countdown...

As I wrote in my previous post, somehow this year I didn`t have the time to prepare anything ( except the usual shopping ritual) for this Christmas & sincerely I`ve been waiting for it since last year :)) so what I do now is just go around the city & enjoy the Christmas decoration, a bit silly but it works, brings in some Holiday Cheer :))

Shorts , Shirt & Bag : Zara
Jacket & Waistcoat: Bershka
Tights: Venus Victoria
Shoes- random buy,from a small shop

My number one place for watching Christmas decoration would be the Malls- the bigger the better :)
So last Saturday I went to the biggest one in Athens, The Mall....big mistake- never go to the Mall on a Saturday right before Christmas, you`d be overwhelmed by the extreme sound & crowds of people

Dress: H&M
Bag : Vinage

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