Monday, 2 January 2012

re-start 2012

I can`t really believe it`s 2012 already....I`m kind of waiting something 'important' & different to happen to me this year, cause 12 is like 'my' number( I was born on the 12th ) whether Im right, we`ll see...
This year celebration wasn`t much planed, but I laughed myself so much that in the end I was almost crying, so I guess it was good start.
This is the dress I wore on New Year`s Eve (these 2 pictures made a month ago, when I actually bought the dress)

Dress: H & M

And here are the actual shoots from the night of 1st Jan 2012

Judging from the photos, it`s quite obvious that I had quite a lot of FUN....hope the rest of the year goes as good as this night, and maybe even better :)

Shoes & Stars belt: Zara
Green bracelet: H&M
Gold bracelets: Vintage
Jacket: Random ( bought in Crete)
Spider fishnets: local underwear shop

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