Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Neon Yellow

I was really excited when I got this skirt from romwe.com The shoes, Ive my eye on them, long time ago( already mentioned them in my previous neon post) They are quite signal, but there`s something irresistible about them (Ive worn them already 3 days in a row & I was amazed to see with how many things they match really well;)) The skirt alone is a stunner, Sold out at the moment(sorry:)) but here`s the original version http://www.romwe.com/mysterious-universe-asymmetric-skirt-p-32399.html though they have a really cute similar one http://www.romwe.com/mysterious-universe-asymmetric-skirt-p-29751.html
Skirt: romwe.com, Shoes: Zara

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