Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Highlights of Pre Fall 2014

Shame…I`ve been away for something like 10 days, even 12 to be correct. Vacation, they call it. This time I had to force myself & combine ‘relaxation’ with visiting my family & friends, which if you face it, is the best vacation anyone can have, with all his closest people by his side. I can`t complain. I had a GREAT time( as obvs on my Instagram pics) so good that secretly I'm hoping & planning to go back & do exactly the same thing in few months, or maybe some day forever, if the right opportunity comes along. Turned out that my home country(Bulgaria) currently seems more appealing( to at least 2  full airplanes of Greek businessmen I met during this trip, who have moved their whole business there)Who would have thought, ah?

Beginning of January is usually very poor fashion wise, plus who has the motivation after all these holidays & parties to dress up that much. I do follow the Pre Fall collections though, since it`s still cold enough to see what should I keep for the next ‘cold’ season & what to get rid of, same time is perfect if you are on a budget( like me) & shop the sales for the right numbers, which will be still hot in an year time.



above Chloe

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane


Elizabeth and James



 GiambattistaValli GiambattistaValli1

Giambattista Valli


Stella McCartney

 Valentino Valentino1





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